Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saddest Kyle XY Episode: Electric Kiss

I haven't been on my dashboard for almost a year. But I really can't help but burst out what I feel. It's been soo busy for the past months. And for the past weeks, but this didn't keep me from watching Kyle XY. Yeah. The third season was launched January 12. And I just watched the third episode for this season. And it's sad. T_T. I don't really know what's gonna happen next but it seems that Amanda and Kyle are over. over. over. over. waa It's sad.. It's really really sad. I wish I could be more on detail but it really makes me sad whenever I remember what happened. huhuh. Oh my gosh I'm gonna cry.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

in love, inlab, in-lababo.. may gripo , in english FaUcEt

-- grabbed from a gUrL who owns the 'never-ending-fall' journal..
I was fascinated by the post so I'm gladly sharing it to those who consistently drops on my page and peeking for an update..
and so she started with a quoted quote..


“If you are the luckiest person in the entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back..” –Nathan Scott

If that’s the case then maybe I’m the luckiest person.. [waha corny] dati when I see couples or hear them doing the “baby talk” or saying somke cheesy lines I’ll go.. yuck corny.. and then now I see myself doing that.. pero msaya kc when u’re inlove you just don’t care about what others think about you both.., importante masaya lang..

Since I was a kid I never thought of being inlove in the future.. so I didn’t actually have the perception or qualifications of a boyfriend I wanted to have.. until I was third year highschool.. I saw a boy.. he was my classmate.. since then I knew I liked him.. unintentionally we became groupware.. ansaya.. lalu na when I was chosen as the leader.. and as a perk I had the opportunity to pick kung sino gusto qng assistant.. shempre I chose him para we could “work together..” ^.^ I always tried to sit beside him and make him notice me.. pero he seemed so distant kya I knew he didn’t like me.. as far as I can remember he would always sit at the last chair near the window where he would always stare.. feeling q ndi xa nakking kc if he’s not staring out the window nagdodrawing lang xa sa notebook..

Fourthyear kame ndi na kame mg-classmate.. some time in September that year I got his number from a friend.. and thought about it the whole day if I should text him or not.. then I texted him.. we became friends and our friendship went into something else.. there was this connection between us na I can’t explain.. basta sobrng saya.. it was the first time I ever felt that way in my entire life.. unusual pero everytime I see him I can see my future with him. My world litteraly revolved around him.. thenm something happened and it all ended… parang asa heaven lang then in just a snap I fell into the ground.. [waha ilang feet un?!] it actually hurted like hell.. I developed insomnia cause I can barely sleep.. at that time I didn’t actually cared about anything more han him.. super disappointed with myself I didn’t know what to do.. buti nlang andun si florence..

When I entered college antaba q.. it’s true na when girls are depressed they eat their hearts out.. pag sad aq nahanap lng aq ng fud then I’m fine.. years passed and there was no communication between us.. pag naaalala q xa I look into the stars and think of what we could have been.. blame my self tapos kaen.. [haha.]

I thought of asking signs ung tipong my lines na.. “Lord qng xa tlga please give me this signs tomorrow..” then ie-enumerate q ung signs.. laughed after.. stupid little me.. I immediately forgot about the signs kc I thought I was just fooling myself believing we would ever be.. and surprisingly I saw the signs I was asking for.. masaya pero parang ayoqng maniwla.. tapos I prayed ulet.. sbe q.. “Lord seryoso k??” and asked for another signs kc baka nagkataon lang.. wla nang deadline.. taz isa nlang.. isa nlang tlga.. take your time.. [parang tropa lan e nu.] pero he gave me the sign again.. it really fascinated me na pngsabe ko talaga.. I remember telling a friend and she told me.. “nku jean imagination mu lang yan..” pero I believed in it.. I just didn’t know how it could possibly happen..

On my 17th birthday one of my wishes was that I could be happy in the state of things as they already were.. mtgaltgal nrin kc.. taz the day after my birthday.. I received a text form him.. I thought of it ten times bgo q ng-reply.. and suddenly felt the same feelings I felt for him before.. shocks. I really never believed in destiny nor second chances till he came.. [wazap. Haha. Corny q.]

Now.. I’m so damn happy.. believe it or not I have never been this happy before.. I’m soo happy I can’t remove the smile I unconsciously project.. he is not perfect.. but he loves me and me makes me sooo happy. Ngayon lng tlga q nagging masaya ng walang pretentions.. wlang regrets.. masaya ko kc masaya ko ng totoo.. hindi dahil masaya ko kc kelangan kong ipilit nay un ung maramdaman ko.. masya q ng sobra at totoo un.. masya qng mahal na mahal q xa at mahal nya rin ako.. prang hindi talaga totoo.. its kinda hard to believe na I’m with someone who makes me lough my loudest, smile my widest and happy sooo bigtime..

Alam ko pag ndi ako mahal ng isang tao.. alam ko pag nakikipaglokohan lang. pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ayaw maniwala ng isip q na may lalake pa sa ngayon na kayang magmahal ng totoo.. pero sigurado prin aq na mahal nia q.. when he looks into my eyes.. he’s like looking at a goddess.. [jowklang ang part na un. Haha] he looks at me so different.. basta iba.. so new to me.. no one ever looked at me that way before… grabe I’m so happy. I really want this post to turn out hilarious.. I mean kinda funny, kinda lite, not so baduy.. pro what can I do? Haha.

I want to keep him.. I want him to stay.. I want this thing between us to last..


--this ends here

Friday, May 9, 2008


I've been busy for weeks now and I don't know if I could get through all this things.
Four months to go and I'll turn 18 and I am really have lot of things planned to do.
I just hope I could have them all.. or even just one..

la la la la la la ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hay bored..
It's already vacation and it stinks. it makes me lazy. It's hot and it doesn't feel good. There isn't a month but it had widened my body a bit. Now I wonder what will I look like on friend Ilyn's big day.. It's gonna be on Saturday. [sigh] And there's my 3 year old baby brother who just grabbed my pen and insists on going to school. things are really getting a lot weird lately.

There's a lot of things I really wanna do on for the holidays and for the rest of the vacation as well. But I don't know where and how to start. Anyways I'll just do a list and give an update about it. I'm also planning on to change my layout [finally!] but again I'll be needing a butterfly's help..

♫ .. I never really cared until I met you
and now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you ... Alone ♫